Murano Glass Heart Necklaces

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Blog - Ruby Gold Murano Heart Necklace
Latest designs: Murano glass hearts suspended from a contemporary Sterling Silver handmade beaded chain comprising Sterling Silver rounds and twists. The design came about as a result of my Mum loving the hearts but wanting something a little more chunky and contemporary than the more traditional snake chains that I normally sell with the hearts.



Ruby Gold Murano Heart and Sterling Silver NecklaceBlog - Sapphire Gold Murano Heart Necklace

These necklaces can be made to any length required and there are a number of heart colours to choose from: Amethyst Silver, Electric Blue, Black Diamond Silver, Crystal Silver, Alex Silver, Sapphire Silver, Topaz Gold, Ruby Gold, Marine Silver.

 Sapphire Gold Murano Heart and Sterling Silver Necklace

What do you think? Do you like them?

Julie x

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  1. Julie Walton

    Hi Jennifer. Thanks for your lovely comments. I have been making this kind of jewellery since 2009 but have made jewellery as a hobby on and off for years. I use mostly silver combined with semi-precious stones, crystal and pearls as I love natural materials but also like a bit of bling! Glad to hear you're enjoying making it too.

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  2. Hi Julie, your jewellery is very beautiful how long have you been making jewellery. I've just started a year ago and I'm loving it. I have a question what types of materials do you use the most to make your lovely jewellery.

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