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Contemporary beaded necklaces suitable for all occasions including day, evening and special events such as weddings, prom, etc.

For Tips on Choosing a Necklace, please see the bottom of the page.

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Choosing a necklace

Does the necklace fit you correctly? Check the size: most 16 inch necklaces will look good on an average size neck, but if your neck is larger you may need to consider a longer length to avoid drawing attention to your neck rather than the necklace.

If you're choosing a pendant, consider how big it is and how low it falls. Don't let it disappear below the neckline of your top!

If you want a necklace for a specific dress / top, a good way to get an idea of the length you want is to use a piece of string or an existing piece of jewellery.

As with bracelets, an important thing to note is that the larger the beads used on the necklace, the longer the necklace needs to be compared with a necklace consisting of smaller beads of the same length.

Does it suit the top / dress you are planning on wearing it with? You may fall in love with the most beautiful necklace, but if it doesn't suit your dress neckline it's not going to look good.